Creative Real Estate
Creative real estate financing is a technique in which the buyer
uses funds from a private money lender.  The funds are used to pay
for the asking price that the owner has set, do the repairs that are
needed in order to bring the house up to the after repair value that
was set by averaging the price of similar homes and put cash in the
buyers pocket after all expenses are paid.

There are other ways in which the buyer can you creative
financing techniques to purchase a property.  He can use a
technique called
birddogging in which you locate a property for
your buyer and the buyer pays you a finder's fee of $500 to $1000
per property.  It is a great way to earn some money and be able to
learn more about the business of real estate investing.

Once you have mastered the bird dog technique you might want to
try wholesaling a property and assigning the contract that you
made with the seller.  
Wholesaling and assigning contracts lets
you negotiate with the property owner and establish a reasonable
offer to the seller.  You also will be able sell the property to the
buyer at a wholesale price so that he can have some instant equity
in the property, be able to repair the property and then sell to
someone for a retail price.
Creative Real Estate Investing