Learn Real Estate Investing
Have you ever dreamed of becoming wealthy or being able to determine
your own future?  I'm sure that it is something that many people have
thought about.  If you are a daydreamer like me, you have often times
thought a lot about how your future will turn out to be.  My  thoughts were
learn real estate investing and thus how to find the right deal.

When I became interested in real estate investing I had to do my homework
and find out how to become financially independent.  My theory was to
findit-fixit-saleit.  What do I mean by that?  You must locate properties that
will fit your requirements as an investor.  When you
findit, you will be
doing your due-diligence and finding the property that has the potential to
produce income for you.  You must do the math and find out if the property
will cashflow for you.  You can only do this after you have done the
part of my theory.  Only after you have done the necessary repairs, will you
then have a property that will be comparable to the rest of the neighboring
properties.  Now comes the
saleit part of my theory.  The property, when
all repairs have been done, will pretty much sell itself.  You will want to
sell the property wholesale when you have someone that is an investor like

Selling a property wholesale and selling a property retail are two ways of
in which you can create income.  
Wholesaling is when you find another
investor that will purchase the property at a discount and sell it to another
investor at another discount.  It's a win-win for both parties.  In order to
retail a property, the investor that bought the property at a discount will sell
it to someone that wants to live in the property.  The investor can sell the
property at a comparable price of what the properties in that neighborhood
are selling for.

Finding the great deal - real estate can be a profitable way to earn an
income and become financially independent.  There are many techniques
that you can  use to purchase real estate creatively.
How to find the right deal
Learn Real Estate Investing
How to find the right deal